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Online Safety

Dear Parents/Guardians

As we head towards the summer months and students inevitably have more time on their hands, I would just like to share with you some useful information I have received recently with regard to online safety.

One of the key things to remember is that despite what our young people may think, there are dangers attached to any online activity. By keeping security settings high, regularly checking which sites they are viewing and whom they are talking to we, as adults, can minimise risk. I have attached some useful information that I received regarding some of the sites currently most popular with young people.

Snapchat: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/resources/platform-guides/snapchat-guide-for-parents/

Doki-doki: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/resources/platform-guides/doki-doki-guide-for-parents/


We fully recognise that social media and online gaming can be a fantastic source of entertainment and communication when used in a safe and appropriate way, we just need to work together in keeping our children and young people safe.

Have a good and restful summer.

Miss A Knight DSL


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