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Dear Parents/Guardians

I have received a couple of emails highlighting concerns over the weather expected for the expedition this weekend. I have also received an email from Hampshire D of E with some advice on how to keep the students safe and well in the heat.

The route that the students take for this expedition is very open and does not offer much tree cover for shade. It is also a good 6 hour route which leaves very little room for changing the timings for walking at cooler times of the day on Saturday or Sunday.

With this in mind myself and Simon Harrison (Headmaster) have made the decision from a health and safety point of view to postpone the weekend until later in September. I know that all of the students will have started college by then but hopefully a weekend away with all of their old friends from school will be something that they can look forward to and will give them the ideal opportunity to catch up with each other.

I am really sorry that we have had to make this decision, I hope that they all find something enjoyable to do with their now free time and that you all the enjoy the beautiful weather that we are having.


Julie Bowden


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