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School uniform - shorts trial

With the ongoing hot weather we are looking at ways of making things more comfortable for students in the classroom and around the school. We hope that removing the requirement for blazers for the remainder of term will help.

We have also been asked by some parents to consider allowing shorts to be worn in the hot weather, and would like to try this on a trial basis for the remainder of the term. This will of course be entirely optional.

Should students wish to wear shorts they must be consistent with our current uniform rules, specifically:

  • grey in colour (or black in line with our new Uniform rules from September), traditional in style - not wide or ‘baggy’, tightly fitting, low waistband or ‘hipster’. Elasticated and denim materials are not permitted.

  • above the knee and no shorter than 1 inch above the middle of the knee.

These are available from stockists of school uniform, and can be purchased from Skoolkit

We will evaluate this trial at the end of term and inform you of the outcome.

Kind regards

Mr S Harrison



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