Important Dates 2020

Tuesday 23rd June – Virtual Parents/Guardians Information Evening.

This pre-recorded event will be hosted by Mr Playford and will cover: our vision for the year group, important information about our routines and the school day, introductions to some key staff and information about other transition events. 


Friday 3rd July – Virtual Student Transition.

This video will be distributed to all feeder schools so that they can play it for their students at their discretion and placed on the Crofton School website for students who are shielding to view. This video will cover: a virtual school tour, an introduction to key staff, a welcome message from the year 7 tutor team and some key information presented at the parents/guardians information evening.


Opportunity for parents/guardians to contact head of year with any questions that they have about transition.


Monday 13th July – Virtual Parents/Guardians Q&A. 

Mr Playford will answer any questions which he received by parents/guardians about transition. This video will be posted on the Crofton School website for all parents/guardians to view. 


Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th July – Students Welcome Letter.

Students will receive a welcome letter from their new tutor along with their transition booklet and a ‘student passport’ which we kindly ask them to send back to Crofton School so their tutor can find out a bit more information about them. Students will also receive an invitation to a Microsoft Teams meeting where they can meet their tutor and fellow classmates. This will involve some ice breaker activities and will allow students to introduce themselves to one another.


Opportunity for parents/guardians to contact head of year with any concerns about tutor groups.


​Throughout their first term tutors and the Head of Year support transition through tutor activities and assemblies. Gradually students form new friendships and become fully integrated into the school community.