To get the highest marks in GCSE Geography, students have to use case studies (or examples) to write detailed answers.  We therefore suggest that you keep up-to-date with Geography in the news; you could set the BBC News website as your homepage…


General Books:

You must get a copy of the green CGP revision guide for OCR B Geography.  This is an essential text and is available for £3.25 from the Finance Office at school.

We also suggest that you buy a copy of the CGP OCR B Geography workbook.  This is full of past papers and a great resource to help you practise exam papers.  Again this is available from the Finance Office (£2.25).

Other useful textbooks include…

GCSE Geography OCR B student book (Oxford) Available on Amazon

GCSE Geography OCR B student book with Activebook CD-Rom (Pearson) Available on Amazon

If you are aiming for an A*/A in Geography and are maybe interested in A-Level Geography, we would recommend ‘Geography – An Integrated Approach’ by David Waugh Available on Amazon

It is always helpful to have a copy of an atlas at home too.


General Website:

Remember that you need to revise the following topics for OCR B Geography:  Rivers, coasts, climatic hazards, tectonic hazards, population, settlement, economic activity and development.  The websites below are not exam board specific, therefore, you will need to pick out the topics you need to revise.

GCSE Bitesize is a useful starting point, but the content is aimed at a C grade at GCSE, so if you are aiming for a grade higher than a C you need to use other resources too.


Useful Links:


When using the exam board website for past paper questions, please remember that the topics in the Key Geographical Themes paper and Sustainable Decision Making Exam rotate each year, therefore, if you are not sure which topics will be tested in each exam, ask your Geography teacher.