Safety Measures

The majority of restrictions for schools have now been lifted, so schools have a high degree of flexibility to apply measures to suit their school and local circumstances.  You can read a summary of DfE guidance for parents here. At Crofton we will continue to use measures that go beyond the requirements of government guidance to ensure everyone in our school community remains safe. These include: 

  • Start of School Day: we will be returning to a morning registration session. This means students will need to go to their tutor bases from 8.35am, ready to register at 8.45am. 

  • End of School Day: there will no longer be a staggered end to the school day. This means all students return to being dismissed at 3.10pm, 2.05pm on a Wednesday. 

Uniform: normal expectations apply for uniform, a letter outlining our uniform expectations was sent to parents at the end of last term, a copy can be found here . PE arrangements have returned to normal so there will be no need for students to wear PE kit outside of PE lessons. 

You can find details on uniform and the equipment students are expected to bring every day on the school website here

Managing contact: We will largely continue with our existing on-site safety measures at least for the first half of the autumn term. This includes amended Year group zones for breaks and lunchtimes and one-way systems for lesson changeovers.  

Positive Tests: Please inform us if your child tests positive for Covid-19, using . Since 16 August, students who are identified as a close contact by NHS Test and Trace no longer need to self-isolate, and must instead get a PCR test. Whilst close contacts are not required to self-isolate while waiting for their result, as a precaution, we are asking parents to keep their child at home until the result of the PCR test is known.  If they receive a positive PCR result, they must self-isolate.  

If your child has COVID-19 symptoms, however mild, you should not send them into school and follow public health advice. 

You can find full details, including our latest Risk Assessment . In addition, the you can find information for parents from the Department for Education here.  

Hygiene Measure: We continue to implement robust hygiene measures to minimise the risk of any spread of infection, including: 

  • All lessons ending with a 5 minute ‘clean down and tidy up’ routine, supported by all necessary hygiene products. 

  • A rolling cleaning programme in place across the school during the day. 

  • A full clean down at the end of each day and use of an electrostatic sanitisation program for further protection. You can see a video explaining how we are using this program by clicking here 

  • Hand sanitisers will be available in every room and these will be routinely used by staff and students. Students may also find it useful to carry their own hand sanitiser. Alcohol-free hand sanitiser is also available, please let us know if your child requires this. 

  • Maximising ventilation in indoor areas 

Face Coverings: We hope face coverings will not be required, but continue to ask that students bring them to school in case they are needed. Any student can wear a face covering if they wish to as long as these are worn safely and appropriately. 


We will of course keep these safety measures under constant review to ensure they are effective, and may also need to respond to any changes in government guidance. Should we need to make any significant adjustments, we will inform parents and students as soon as possible.