Frequently Asked Questions

My child is in Key Stage 4 and I’m worried they may struggle to catch up, is it a good idea for them to ‘drop’ some subjects?

No, it remains important for all students to follow a broad and balanced curriculum, including PDL and Core PE. GCSE specifications are being adapted to take account of the reduced time students have had to cover content, and all departments have plans in place to assess gap in knowledge and address these. In some rare instances it may be beneficial to consider changes, this would need to be discussed with your child’s Head of Year in the first instance. The school will also be provided with additional funding from the government’s ‘Catch-up’ premium and access to the ‘National Tutoring Programme’, once we have further details we will inform parents.

Some schools are using a staggered start to the school day, why isn’t Crofton doing this?

A staggered start to the day would reduce teaching time require some significant timetable changes to make sure students were properly supervised in classrooms. We ask students to arrive no earlier than 8.35 and go straight to their Period 1 classroom, and staff are on hand to ensure this happens. These measures will manage the risk effectively, although like all measures we will monitor this and adjust if necessary.

Is it still safe to cycle to school?

Yes, we would encourage as many students as possible to do this and our arrangements for this are unchanged. Students should wear a helmet and ensure their bike is securely locked.

Has the school considered suspending the shortened day on Wednesday to allow more catch up time for students?

We have not changed this as the shortened day on Wednesday allows us to cover all staff meetings and development time on one afternoon, freeing up the remainder of the week for staff to work with students after school if required. It also provides the time staff need to adapt their curriculum plans to support students to catch up, and plan any interventions that are required. As you would expect this will be the key priority for our use of this planning time during the Autumn term.

Why aren’t all staff and students wearing face coverings?

Nationwide, the government is not recommending face coverings are necessary in all areas of education settings because a system of control, applicable to all education environments, provides additional mitigating measures. Government guidance is available here. At Crofton we are asking students to wear them at all times outside of classrooms unless eating or drinking. We would prefer students not to wear them in lessons due to the negative impact this will have on communication. Should you wish your child to wear a face covering during lessons, please contact your child’s Head of Year so this can be discussed and appropriately planned for. Some students are exempt from wearing face coverings in line with government guidance. Once this has been agreed with the student’s head of year those students wear a ‘sunflower’ lanyard to ensure all staff and students are aware.