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At Crofton School every student belongs to a House, either Darwin, Einstein, Franklin or Newton and every year students compete to become house champions by collecting merits and house points for themselves and their houses. Students can also gain house merits and points by completing their leadership awards. KS3 and KS4 students are rewarded individually for the number of house merits they collect and students can also exchange merits for prizes.

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The house system is run by the student house leaders. Each tutor group can have up to four house tutor reps who regularly attend House Council meetings and who support their Year 11 House leaders with competitions and events.

In Year 11 the House Leadership team consists of Captains, Vice Captains, Sports Captains and House Prefects. These important teams are responsible for leading their houses for the year.

The house champions for 2015/16 were EINSTEIN! Congratulations!


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