Digital Resources for Parents

August 2, 2017

Parenting is not easy and the digital world we live in add to the challenge of keeping children safe. Below are two fantastic resources for parents.

Vodafone Guardian app:
Vodafone Guardian helps parents to manage their child’s smartphone by providing protection from inappropriate calls, messages and online content and is for any network not just Vodafone customers but currently only for android phones. The app enables parents
to stay in control in a number of ways including:
– Blocking specific contacts or mobile phone numbers to prevent bullying text messages or calls
– Specifying times during which their child can make or receive calls, use apps, access the Web and use the camera
– Restricting outgoing calls to named contacts, such as Mum, Dad or specific friends
– Transferring bullying text messages to a secure folder on the phone that could be used as evidence with the child’s school or the police

Parentzone provides information, advice, support and resources to parents and anyone working with parents. The website includes a popular digital parenting magazine, covering everything from the facts about sexting to digital boundaries. You can order free copies of the current issue and read past editions on their website.

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