CEOP Advice – Searching for content

December 13, 2017

With a world of information at their fingertips, it’s easy for young people to actively search for material that might be inappropriate for their age, or stumble across things that might upset or disturb them. The internet can provide young people with unrestricted access to adult material. At an age where they are developing socially […]

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CEOP Advice – Sharing

December 6, 2017

Most sites your child uses will encourage them to share information about themselves with others. This might be: Opinions – such as what they like and don’t like What they are doing Pictures and videos of themselves Information about themselves – such as their name and where they live Videos and music The internet is […]

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CEOP Advice – Talking to People

November 29, 2017

Young people use the internet to talk to others in a number of different ways: emailing, instant messaging, webcam and chat rooms. The online world provides young people with the opportunity to be inquisitive, explore relationships and actively seek risks, such as flirting with people that they don’t know. Chatting online feels different to chatting […]

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CEOP Advice – Socialising

November 22, 2017

Your child will be using services online to create a network of ‘friends’. Social networking sites, like Facebook, encourage and enable your child to link with their friends so they can chat, keep up to date, share photos and videos… and their opinions of them! Almost every site online now has a social element. Whether […]

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CEOP Advice – Exploring the Internet Safely

November 15, 2017

With the support of Visa Europe, over 1 million parents and carers have attended a face-to-face awareness raising session about how to keep their children safe online. Check out our flyer for Exploring the Internet Safely to see what they learnt.

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CEOP Advice – Nude Selfies – What parents and carers need to know

November 8, 2017

Could you chat to your children about the risks of sharing revealing selfies?  With the rise of the selfie has come growing concern about young people taking and sharing revealing photos or videos – you’ve probably seen this referred to in the media as ‘sexting’. This is risky behaviour for anyone, but especially for young […]

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